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Luxury Corner Sofa Bed – Practical Furniture Choice

Luxury corner sofa bed is a practical option you may consider if you often have guests staying overnight. You can use this as a sofa by day and a sleeping space by night. These are popular pieces of furniture, which is why there are so many options available. Various designs, shapes, mattresses and mechanisms are available. Here, we will take a look at your options in further detail, starting with the two main types of mechanisms you have to choose from: two-fold and three-fold. The former enables the sofa bed to be unfolded just once to open up into a bed space.

The effect of this is that a thicker mattress can be used for your corner sofa luxury bed, often up to 10cm in depth. This ensures a more comfortable sleep. On the other hand, a three-fold takes three folds to open or close the mechanism, as you may have guessed. This means that the bed will only support a 5cm foam mattress. Consequently, these types of luxury sofas are only suitable for occasional sleeping use. You also need to be mindful of the type of mattress that comes with the bed. Memory foam moulds to the contours of the body, providing a lovely night’s sleep. Regular head-to-foot rotation of the mattress is required. Pocket sprung mattresses, on the other hand, are great for regular use. For added support, polyester is laid over the mattress for cushioning and softness.

Finally, open sprung mattresses are soft and offer great cushioning, providing support through polyester fibre fillings. At Tulip Interiors Ltd, we have a great assortment of luxury furniture for sale, including a wide range of sofas and sofa beds. If you buy luxury sofas from us, you can be sure of the very best in quality and design. We don’t sell anything on our website that we would not be happy to take pride of place in our own home. For more information, take a look at our website: