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Montessori Series
Montessori Series

Introducing our new Montessori series nursery and children's bedroom furniture.

Contemporary design style with functionality, combines bedroom and playroom in one. Montessori collection's design concept is aimed to improve the children's sense of touch and perception by using different stimulating surfaces such as plastic, metal and wood.

Montessori 3 door wardrobe purposely designed a free drawing area for the child to express himself with the green board on the cabinet surface. Two different designs and colours, the surface of the handles are produced with a special soft coating that gives the feeling of soft texture. The shelves and hangers in the cupboard are designed to be adjustable to the height of the child with the 3-stage movable system, based on the age and height of the children. 

Montessori desk ergonomically designed for children to perform activities to improve their hand eye co-ordination skills. There are areas where children can position their books in special dimensions so that they can access their books independently. At the same time, it provides flexibility for children with its dual-use feature such as green writing area at one side of the table.

Montessori dresser is designed to be used from infancy through to primary childhood. Colorful protective parts are designed for the corners of the module, increasing safety. Drawer interiors are partitioned and functional.


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  1. Comfort Bed Mattress (75 x160 x13 cm)
  2. Comfort Bed Mattress (80 x 180 x 13 cm)
  3. Montes 3 Door Wardrobe
  4. Montessori Baby Cot ( 60 x 120 cm )
  5. Montessori Bed ( 80 x 180 )
  6. Montessori Changing Table
  7. Montessori Laundry
  8. Montessori Railing
  9. Montessori Table
  10. Montessori Toy Puff
  11. Prime Carpet (115x180cm)
  12. Rocking Nursing Chair
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 16

Set Descending Direction